Hunting with golden eagles.

Hunting with golden eagles is an ancient tradition of nomadic Kyrgyz, which came to us in Central Asia with the Mongol invasion in the 12th and 13th centuries, when a good golden eagle and a fast horse had the same value and gave their owner a noticeable authority.

At that time, people hunted with golden eagles to get game for the family. Now in the modern world there is no need for this, and therefore this tradition has gradually turned into a hobby.

The hunter with golden eagles is called “Berkutchi”, and the bird “Golden eagle”. An experienced couple, a Berkutchi (hunter) and a bird, can, on average, catch 50 or 60 foxes, a dozen badgers, a couple of lynxes and 4 to 5 wolves, during the normal four-month season, which begins in late autumn.

Training golden eagles is a long and painstaking work. There are 2 ways to catch a bird: the first – a hunter catches a one-year-old golden eagle with a trap; the second – the hunter picks up a newborn chick right from the nest. As the golden eagles themselves say, the second method is more effective, since a small golden eagle is easily trained. Golden eagles are trained for hunting from 6 months to 1 year. During training, the golden eagle uses fox, wolf, or groundhog fur. The hunter says calls by the name of each golden eagle and sings special songs to them so that the bird can get used to his voice. Berkutchi are real experts in training birds for hunting. They even teach birds, killing prey to leave barely visible traces on their fur.

Outside of hunting, the golden eagle wears a special hat called “tomaga” so that the bird can sit quietly, so he can see the prey 3 km away.

After much training, the golden eagle with its golden eagle, horse and Kyrgyz hunting dog Taigan, who, like the golden eagle, are trained to hunt, go deep into the mountains to hunt hares, foxes, wolves or groundhogs. Almost always the hunt is successful. During the hunt, the golden eagle leaves its bird on top of the mountain. And he, along with Taigan, goes down to scare away the animals, who, having heard the sonorous voice of a golden eagle, hid in the bushes. Despite the fact that the bird has keen eyesight, he cannot consider the prey until it moves. Having caught the prey, the golden eagle strangles him with its clever claws and waits until the owner approaches it. Berkutchi gives his bird fresh meat that they have on their hunt. So the golden eagle releases its prey so that the golden eagle can pick up the fur of prey, and the bird gets the meat.

After 10-15 years, the golden eagle releases its bird high in the mountains, where it builds a nest, lays an egg and takes out the chicks. 

Arriving in Kyrgyzstan you will have an exclusive opportunity to visit a real hunt and see everything with your own eyes, and even take a picture with a golden eagle. 

Interesting facts about golden eagle:

  • The golden eagle has excellent vision. They can see the prey at a distance of 4 km. Golden eagles have color vision. This is very rare in the animal world.
  • For hunting, golden eagles take and train a female golden eagle, as it is more agile and strong. 
  • Golden eagles are very faithful, with one partner live their whole lives
  • Speed ​​can reach yes 320 km / h
  • Golden Eagles can distinguish voices. But when hunting, a bird recognizes its master by voice, among other hunters
  • The golden eagle has very long and sharp claws, with which it clings to prey and strangles. And with his right paw he can feel the pulse