Travel in Kyrgyzstan, country of beautiful mountains

Kyrgyzstan continues to be one of the beautiful and famous places for mountain lovers and real nomad travelers. Ravishing landscapes, rolling pastures, gorgeous nature parks, truly dazzling lakes and much more are waiting for tourists. Being a perfectly textured mountainous country, it charms and attracts nature lovers from all over the world. Breathtaking high peaks draw bravest climbers to travel in Kyrgyzstan. Jengish Chokusu is highest peak in Kyrgyzstan, means Victory Peak in translation from kyrgyz, was named after the victory in the Second World War.

This peak is acknowledged to be one of the highest peaks in entire Asia, and is awarded a 5-6 category of difficulty depending on mountain route. Also, it’s notorious among climbers for its claimed many lives. In 1955 there were 12 mountaineers attempted to conquer this peak, but at an altitude 6000 meters they decided to descend because of the weather conditions. Only one of climbers survived, he was rescued by chance.

But in Kyrgyzstanthere are a lot of safe and beautiful mountains for travellers.

Beautiful lakes are one of the big reasons to travel in Kyrgyzstan.

Speaking of beautiful places, Kyrgyzstan is famous for its delightful lakes.

There are more than 2000 lakes in Kyrgyzstan and most of them are lying between 2500-4000 meters above the sea level. Exceptionally beautiful nature of Kyrgyzstan has enchanting lakes from little lovely Ala-Kol, to tremendous Issyk-Kul. Issyk-Kul is the second largest alpine lake in the world. It’s lying at 1609 meters above the sea level between legendary Kungoy-Ala-Too and Terskey-Ala-Too.

There are a lot of legends told about lake was appeared. One of them tells us that lake’s origin is linked to the greedy Khan, who stole beautiful girl never loved him. Once upon a time there was a rich Khan lived in big fortress in the valley. Once he learned that one poor shepherd had an unearthly beautiful daughter. He gave her all of his gifts, but girl refused them. She was in love with young Jigit, who gave her a ring, and asked her not to take off it until he came back, he said that ring will protect her. Khan couldn’t attract her with gifts, he sent soldiers to grab her. When young beauty was in Khan’s castle, he did everything trying to possess her, but it was unsuccessful. Angry, he was intending to take her by force, but desperate girl threw herself out of the window. Khan didn’t go unpunished, his castle was flooded with crystal clear mountain water from Ala-Too, and since then there is the lake in place of the valley.

Speaking of flooding buildings, actually under Issyk-Kul there are ruins of former monastery. And it’s only one of the thousands curious things of Kyrgyzstan are waiting for travelers.

Consequently, Kyrgyzstan​​is one of the best places to travel for tourists.

Always remain aware of our last news and interesting stories, we try to do our best, and welcome to Kyrgyzstan, the land of beautiful mountains.